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A Case Study of Indirect Geochemical Indicators  
A Field Sampling Method Using Bubble Stripping for Dissolved MTBE and Hydrogen in Ground Water  
A Novel Method for the Detection of MTBE: Ion Mobility Spectrometry Coupled to Multi Capillary Column  
A Passive, No-Flow Sampler for Quantitative Groundwater Monitoring  
A Physical-Chemical Screening Model for Anticipating Widespread Contamination of Community Water Supply Wells by Gasoline Constituents  
A Screening Approach to Simulation of Aquifer Contamination by Fuel Hydrocarbons (BTEX and MTBE)  
A Screening Model for Evaluating the Degradation and Transport of MTBE and Other Fuel Oxygenates in Groundwater  
Ambient Air Toxics in the Houston-Galveston Area with High and Low TRI Emissions: Monitoring in Three Areas Using Passive Sampling Devices (PSDs)  
An Evaluation of Compound-Specific Isotope Analyses for Assessing the Biodegradation of MTBE at Port Hueneme, CA  
An Innovative Approach to Investigation of an MTBE Plume in Fractured Bedrock  
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