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35Cl and 37Cl Magic-Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy in the Characterization of Inorganic Perchlorates  
A Field Portable Microfluidic Perchlorate Sensor Using Contact Conductivity Detection  
A LC/MS Multi-Analyte Screening Method for Deleterious Organics in Water  
A Model Describing the Biodegradation Kinetics of Perchlorate In the Presence of Competing Electron Acceptors  
A Perchlorate Bioassay (NSF 2006 SBIR Phase 1)  
A Portable Fiberoptic Surface Enhanced Raman Sensor for Real-Time Detection and Monitoring of Perchlorate and Energetics (SERDP 2008 Grant)  
A Review of the USEPA Methods for the Analysis of Perchlorate in Drinking Water in Drinking Water  
A Two-Dimensional Ion Chromatographic Method for the Ultra-low Level Determination of Perchlorate and Bromate Using Suppressed Conductivity Detection  
ATR-FTIR Detection and Quantification of Low Concentrations of Aqueous Anions  
ATR-FTIR Detection of [less than or equal to] 25 ug/L Aqueous Cyanide, Perchlorate, and Perfluorooctylsulfonate  
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