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2005 National Notable Achievement Awards
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Brownfields Award Recipients

Outstanding Teamwork
St. Louis Brownfields Program, Region 7
Kerry Herndon and Kevin McGrew

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Kerry Herndon (Region 7) and Kevin McGrew (USACE) have developed and applied an effective brownfields strategy for St. Louis, Missouri, a city that has been overwhelmed by poverty, unemployment, and thousands of vacant properties resulting from the loss of half of the jobs since 1952. Kerry and Kevin were able to build local capacity to clean up and redevelop low risk but environmentally contaminated sites. Because Region 7 did not have the capacity to place one of its own staff in an IPA position with the city and could not provide meaningful technical support on a continuous basis, Kerry succeeded in establishing a USACE position with the city, which Kevin filled.

With Kevin on board, Kerry and Kevin built an internal community structure to support brownfields redevelopment. They identified and established numerous partnerships, provided technical assistance to the city, leveraged resources with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, and kept everyone informed.

The redevelopment of the Dr. Martin Luther King Business Park, which has since become a magnet for brownfields redevelopment in the area, was one of Kerry and Kevin’s early successes. During this project, the second phase of the St. Louis Commerce Center—a large, campus style business park—opened; single and multi-family housing units popped up nearby, replacing derelict and burned out houses; and a $2.8 million sports complex was constructed on another brownfields site across the street from the business park. Using their experience and connections from these early projects, Kerry and Kevin have catalyzed redevelopment on related projects.

As a result of their dedication, St. Louis has successfully redeveloped more properties than any other community in Region 7 and is understandably proud of Kerry and Kevin’s work. St. Louis showcased their efforts with mobile workshops, tours, and presentations at the 2004 National Brownfields Conference.

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