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Frequently-Asked Questions about Monitored Natural Attenuation in Groundwater
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The talk will highlight a recently-published guidance document that uses the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) format to provide a concise overview of current knowledge regarding management of subsurface contaminant releases using monitored natural attenuation (MNA). The envisioned audience includes state regulators, federal regulators, industry, consultants, DoD staff, and members of the local community involved in selecting remedies for contaminated sites. The intended value of the document is to provide current knowledge in support of sound decisions. In the interest of brevity, the FAQs assume that the reader has a general understanding of hydrogeology, the movement of chemicals in porous media, remediation technologies, and the remedy selection process. The FAQ for MNA was inspired by the fact that it has been over a decade since publication of Natural Attenuation of Fuels and Chlorinated Solvents which was co-authored by one of the FAQ authors (Newell). While still useful for certain topics, by 2014 it was missing several important advances in characterization, data interpretation, and regulatory thinking that are now mainstays of MNA. The FAQ for MNA is an attempt to identify and highlight the important advances that have occurred since 1999. As part of the webinar, Dr. John Wilson, formally of USEPA and now with Scissortail Environmental, will be interviewed and give his perspective about how MNA fits into today’s remediation projects.

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