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The Role of a Compliance Program and Data Quality Review Procedure under PBMS
Ann Rosecrance
Core Laboratories, 5295 Hollister Road, Houston, TX 77040 (713) 329-7414

Paper published in the Proceedings of WTQA '99 (15th Annual Waste Testing & Quality Assurance Symposium), pp. 231-235.

Strict QC programs have not always been effective in ensuring method and project compliance and in preventing ethics violations. Under PBMS, a comprehensive compliance program is warranted to help ensure compliance of all activities and ethical performance of work, regardless of the method or project requirements. New approaches to data review are needed to ensure that performance standards can be met. This paper provides guidance on key elements that should be included in an effective compliance program and presents a data quality review procedure to use for determining if data of acceptable quality can be generated.

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