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Providing information about innovative treatment and site characterization technologies while acting as a forum for all waste remediation stakeholders

Call for Abstracts and Moderators
13th Symposium on Design and Construction Issues at Hazardous Waste Sites, Philadelphia, PA, April 1-3, 2020
The applications of engineering and science associated with cleaning up hazardous waste sites continue to evolve rapidly. Our goal is to facilitate an interactive engagement between professionals from government and the private sector related to relevant and topical issues affecting our field. Past symposium abstract submission categories have provided flexibility in the types of information and presentations that would be considered for panels. In order to be considered for a presentation at this year's symposium, abstracts must be based on a project conducted by the presenter that is either complete or substantially complete with a focus on challenges and lessons learned. This year, we are requesting formal moderator nominations. Panel moderators will provide a key role to support panelists in presentation development, quality review of the presentations, and panel dry runs. Both abstract submissions and moderator nominations are due by December 14, 2019.
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Funding Opportunity
FY 2021 Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Solicitations
The Department of Defense's SERDP is seeking environmental research and development proposals for funding beginning in FY 2021. Projects will be selected through a competitive process. The Core Solicitation provides funding opportunities for basic and applied research and advanced technology development. Core projects vary in cost and duration consistent with the scope of the work proposed. The Statements of Need (SON) referenced by this solicitation request proposals related to the SERDP program areas of Environmental Restoration (ER), Munitions Response (MR), Resource Conservation and Resiliency (RC), and Weapons Systems and Platforms (WP). The SERDP Exploratory Development (SEED) Solicitation provides funding opportunities for work that will investigate innovative environmental approaches that entail high technical risk or require supporting data to provide proof of concept. Funding is limited to not more than $250,000 and projects are approximately one year in duration. This year, SERDP is requesting SEED proposals for the Munitions Response program area. All Core pre-proposals are due January 7, 2020. SEED proposals are due March 5, 2020.
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Register Now: 2019 National Brownfields Training Conference, Los Angeles, CA, December 11-13, 2019

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2019 National Brownfields Training Conference, Los Angeles, CA, December 11-13, 2019
The National Brownfields Training Conference is the largest event in the nation focused on environmental revitalization and economic redevelopment. Held every two years, the National Brownfields Conference attracts nearly 3,000 stakeholders in brownfields redevelopment and cleanup to share knowledge about sustainable reuse and celebrate the EPA brownfields program's success.
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Updated Area: Technology Developer Tools & Resources

Updated Area
Technology Developer Tools & Resources
The Technology Developer Tools and Resources support area provides technology developers and vendors with tools to help advance technologies through all stages of product development from conception of an idea to bench scale and to full commercialization. The materials cover a broad range of topics that include business planning, marketing, financing, and technical issues and sources.
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