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1997 Performance Testing of Multi-Metal Continuous Emissions Monitors  
3D Mapping of Geology and Arsenic Using Integrated Geophysical and Geochemical Studies in Bangladesh  
A Green Fieldable Analyzer for Arsenic  
A Green Fieldable Analyzer for Arsenic (NSF 2004 Standard Grant)  
A Green Fieldable Analyzer for Arsenic (NSF 2007 Standard Grant)  
A Hybrid Electronic Tongue for Geoenvironmental Site Characterization (NSF 2010 Standard Grant)  
A Method to Measure Arsenic Readily Released to Pore Waters from Uranium Mill Tailings  
A Novel Electrochemical Detection Strategy for Heavy Metal Monitoring (DOE 2001 SBIR Phase 1)  
A Portable Spectrometer for the Accurate Determination of Arsenic in Waters (EPA 2002 SBIR Phase 1)  
Advanced Diode-Laser Absorption Sensors for Combustion Monitoring and Control (STTR Phase 1)  
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