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Geophysical Method Selection: Matching Study Goals, Method Capabilities and Limitations, and Site Conditions
Sponsored by: U.S. EPA Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI) Superfund Task Force
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Presentation Overview:

This webinar will provide an overview of geophysical method selection. Although geophysical methods have the potential to improve site characterization and monitoring, the effectiveness of different geophysical methods at a particular site strongly depends on project goals (e.g., identifying discrete fractures) and site characteristics (e.g., lithology). No method works at every site or for every goal, and sometimes combinations of methods are needed. This webinar will (1) review the capabilities and limitations of a diverse set of surface, borehole and cross-hole geophysical tools, i.e., the "Geophysical Toolbox," (2) present a spreadsheet-based method selection tool for fractured-rock applications, and (3) introduce concepts and software tools for 'pre modeling' geophysical surveys prior to going to the field, to answer the question: "Can a given method see [fill in the blank] at my site?" Through ongoing technology transfer, we look to better equip remediation professionals to understand what is likely to be realistic and cost-effective when contracting geophysical services and to reduce applications of geophysics with unrealistic objectives or where methods are likely to fail.

This is part of a geophysics webinar series:

This webinar is a result of Recommendation 9 of EPA's Superfund Task Force, which encourages the Superfund program to "utilize state-of-the-art technologies to expedite cleanup." Actions under this recommendation include expanding the use of new site characterization and remediation technologies and approaches to address contaminated sites.

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