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> NATO/CCMS Pilot Study: Prevention and Remediation
     Issues in Selected Industrial Sectors: Mega-Sites
     Ottawa, Canada, June 12-15, 2005

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Former Mining Sites
Former Military Sites
Former Industrial Production
EU Welcome: Project Overview
Risk Assessment
Harbors and River Sediments
Tours de Table



Federal Contaminated Sites Management Policies in Canada—Blair James (Canada)   Acrobat (5.31 MB/PDF)
French (5.31 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (45.7 MB/PPT)
French (45.7 MB/PPT)

NATO Scientific Programme—Thomas Strassburger (Canada)   Acrobat (793 KB/PDF)
PowerPoint (236 KB/PPT)

Update on Electronic Resources for Site Remediation and Characterization Information—Walter W. Kovalick, Jr. (United States)   Acrobat (1.17 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (6.14 MB/PPT)


Former Mining Sites

Giant Mine Remediation Project—W. S. Mitchell (Canada)   Acrobat (4.78 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (30.9 MB/PPT)

Salsigne: The Restoration of a Contaminated Site Taking Sanitary, Environmental and Economic Objectives Into Account—Patrick Jacquemin, Jolanda Boisson, Georges Pottecher, Ann Ruttens, Jaco Vangronsveld (France)   Acrobat (12.7 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (28.2 MB/PPT)

Application of Risk Manangement to Northern Affairs Contaminated Sites—Chris DaSilva (Canada)   Acrobat (1.79 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (5.83 MB/PPT)

Update on MULTIBARRIER Wall for Acid Mine Drainage at Curilo Uranium Mine—Ludo Diels, L. Bastiaens, S. Groudev (Belgium)   Acrobat (1.48 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (4.15 MB/PPT)


Former Military Sites

Liquid Missile Propellant and Storage Facilities Elimination Project–Petro Nakhaba (Ukraine)  

Acrobat (5.32 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (10.8 MB/PPT)

Remediation and Redevelopment at the Former Fort Devens, MA, USA—Virginia Lombardo (United States)   Acrobat (2.34 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (8.86 MB/PPT)

   • Landfill Consolidation   Acrobat (664 KB/PDF)
PowerPoint (1.05 MB/PPT)

  • Zoning Districts and Underlying Federal Uses   Acrobat (288 KB/PDF)
PowerPoint (313 KB/PPT)

Remediation of Military Sites in Germany—Dr. Wolf-Uwe Marr (Germany)   Acrobat (2.01 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (42.5 MB/PPT)

Environmental Remediation Project: Argentia, NL—Colin W. Janes, Glenn Worthman (Canada)   Acrobat (20.0 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (51.1 MB/PPT)


Former Industrial Production

Environmental Strategies for Redevelopment at the Former Bethlehem Steel Facility—Linda Matyskiela, Randy L. Roush (United States)   Acrobat (6.46 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (172 MB/PPT)

Mega Sites in Czech Republic and Some Aspects of Biological Remediation—Kvetoslav Vlk, Robin Kyclt (Czech Republic)   Acrobat (1.96 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (19.8 MB/PPT)

Former Atlantic Steel Site—Hilburn O. Hillestad (United States)   Acrobat (3.51 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (7.08 MB/PPT)

Redevelopment of Former Industrial Lands in the Australian Capital Territory—Toby Hobbs (Australia)   Acrobat (1.29 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (4.34 MB/PPT)

Environmental Problems Related to Industries Near Cities—Kestutis Kadunas (Lithuania)   Acrobat (3.52 MB/PDF)


EU Welcome: Project Overview

The WELCOME Integrated Management Strategy for Large Scale Historical Soil and Groundwater Contaminations: Introduction and Example Rotterdam Harbour Region—Huub Rijnaarts, Jeroen ter Meer (Netherlands)   Acrobat (2.26 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (1.37 MB/PPT)

Integrated Management Strategy for Risk Reduction of Groundwater Contamination at Tarnowskie Góry Megasite—Janusz Krupanek (Poland)   Acrobat (4.34 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (25.4 MB/PPT)

Integrated Management System for Antwerp Harbor and Polish Landfill Site—Ludo Diels, W. Dejonghe, J. Bronders, K. Vanbroekhoven, S. Van Roy, A. Szewczyk, M. Zabochnicka-Swiatek, J. Szdzuj, G. Malina (Belgium)   Acrobat (886 KB/PDF)
PowerPoint (13.2 MB/PPT)

Management of Megasite Remediation After the Economic Upheaval in Eastern Germany: The Bitterfeld Case—M. Keil, J. Grossmann, H. Weiss (Germany)   Acrobat (5.61 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (26.7 MB/PPT)


Risk Assessment

Dioxin and Furan Releases and Their Risk Assessment on the Population Health in Some Regions of the Russian Federation—Sergey Tikhonov (Russia)   Acrobat (471 KB/PDF)
PowerPoint (3.53 MB/PPT)

Application of a Human Health Risk Assessment Software to Support Revitalisation Decisions at Post-Industrial Sites—Eleonora Wcislo, Jacek Dlugosz, Marek Korcz (Poland)   Acrobat (693 KB/PDF)
PowerPoint (2.17 MB/PPT)


Harbors and River Sediments

Rock Bay Remediation Project—Robert MacDonald (Canada)   Acrobat (3.22 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (26.0 MB/PPT)

Transboundary Cooperation for Hazard Prevention in the Kura-river Basin—Nino Chikovani (Georgia)   Acrobat (710 KB/PDF)
PowerPoint (5.53 MB/PPT)

The Lachine Canal Revitalization Project—Jean-Claude Prévost (Canada)   Acrobat (13.5 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (52.3 MB/PPT)


Tours de Table

The State of Remediation of the Polluted Sites in Latvia After Accession to the European Union—Ilgonis Strauss (Latvia)   Acrobat (304 KB/PDF)
PowerPoint (159 KB/PPT)

Tour de Table The Netherlands—H. Johan van Veen (Netherlands)   Acrobat (7.43 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (11.0 MB/PPT)

National Implementation Plan for the Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants—Branko Druzina (Slovenia)   Acrobat (124 KB/PDF)
Word (171 KB/DOC)

State of the Art of Soil Remediation— Ludo Diels (Belgium)   Acrobat (1.80 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (8.43 MB/PPT)

Contaminated Sites Management: Joint UMOE-DEPA Project—Petro Nakhaba (Ukraine)   Acrobat (1.10 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (2.92 MB/PPT)

Tour de Table of Japan—Masaaki Hosomi (Japan)   Acrobat (1.47 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (5.95 MB/PPT)

   • Persistent Organic Pollutants—The Triple Price   Video (90.9 MB/MPEG)

  • National Report of Ukraine on Harmonization of Society‚Äôs Activity in Natural Environment   Acrobat (11.4 MB/PDF)

  • Public Evaluation of Environmental Policy in Ukraine   Acrobat (591 KB/PDF)

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Page Last Modified: January 2, 2005