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> NATO/CCMS Pilot Study: Prevention and Remediation
     Issues in Selected Industrial Sectors
     Baia Mare, Romania, September 8-12, 2003

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UK Tour de Table NATO/CCMS Pilot Study
Dr. Theresa Kearney (United Kingdom)
  PowerPoint (363K/PPT)

Acrobat (678K/PDF)

District of Goslar NATO-CMMS
Juergen Bauer (Germany)
  PowerPoint (23MB/PPT)

Acrobat (1MB/PDF)

Remediation Strategies Overview - Remediation of Metal Contaminated Sites
Luso Diels (Belgium)
  PowerPoint (41MB/PPT)

Acrobat (667K/PDF)

Remediation Schemes to Mitigate the Impacts of Abandoned Mines
Brian Bone (United Kingdom)
  PowerPoint (9MB/PPT)

Acrobat (2MB/PDF)

Romanian Mining Industry and Environment Protection
Cornel Florea Gabrian (Romania)
  PowerPoint (4MB/PPT)

Acrobat (789K/PDF)

Safety Evaluation of Aural Tailing Pond
Dan Stematiu (Romania)
  PowerPoint (1MB/PPT)

Acrobat (288K/PDF)

The Deloro Mine Site Demonstration Project
K.Volchek, D.Velicogna, W.P.Wong, C.E.Brown (Canada)
  PowerPoint (3MB/PPT)

Acrobat (520K/PDF)

Use of Alkaline Additives and a Soil Cover for Prevention of Acid Mine Drainage from Sulphidic Tailings in Lavrion
Anthimos Xenidis (Greece)
  PowerPoint (24MB/PPT)

Acrobat (2MB/PDF)

Issues in U.S. Mining
George Bockosh, DJ Peterson (United States)
  PowerPoint (4MB/PPT)

Acrobat (770K/PDF)

Reducerea Riscului de Producere a Accidentelor Miniere în Bazinul Tisei (Romanian Version)
Adriana Eftimie (Romania)
  PowerPoint (2MB/PPT)

Acrobat (327K/PDF)

Risk Reduction of Mining Accidents in the Tisa Basin (English Version)
Adriana Eftimie (Romania)
  PowerPoint (2MB/PPT)

Acrobat (347K/PDF)

Toxic Mining Waste in the Pre-Accession Countries: The Pecomines Project
Marco D'Alessandro, Giovanni Bidoglio, Tamás Hámor,Gyozo Jordán, Erik Puura, Panos Panagos, Stefan Sommer, Marc Van Liedekerke, Anca Marina Vijdea (Italy)
  PowerPoint (5MB/PPT)

Acrobat (928K/PDF)

NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS)
Oliver Landour (Belgium)
  PowerPoint (3MB/PPT)

Acrobat (207K/PDF)

Mining Remediation Technology Developments and Information Resources
Walt Kovalick, Jr. (United States)
  PowerPoint (3MB/PPT)

Acrobat (3MB/PDF)

Remediation Techniques in the Largest Mercury Mining District of the World
Pablo L. Higueras (Spain)
  PowerPoint (14MB/PPT)

Acrobat (1MB/PDF)

Rosia Montana Gold Corporation Environmental Management
John Aston (United States)
  PowerPoint (11MB/PPT)

Acrobat (2MB/PDF)

Selection of Remediation Measures for Abandoned Mine Sites
Michael Nahir, Daryl Hockley (Canada)
  PowerPoint (8MB/PPT)

Acrobat (655K/PDF)

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Page Last Modified: November 4, 2003