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> 7th Passive Sampling Workshop and Symposium (Day 2)
Sponsored by: Columbia Environmental Research Center, U. S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior, and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Originally Held April 25, 2007, 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM, EDT (12:15-20:15 GMT)
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Day 2 Overview:

The scientific focus of this webcast will be on in situ passive samples for environmental monitoring and risk assessment. Other subjects may include the use of passive samplers to carry out surveillance, operation, and investigative monitoring that are necessary to meet the needs of regulatory agencies. With the continued maturation of passive sampling tools, this webcast will also offer more 'hands-on' discussions to tackle specific practical applications of these tools. This webcast will be beneficial to scientists (experts to first-time users), policy makers (regulatory authorities, accreditation bodies) and end users (companies, laboratories, and municipalities) that have a need for monitoring environmental pollution. Presentations on Day 2 (April 25) will include:
  • Comparison SPMDs and selected abiotic samplers using Gnostic data analysis
  • Semipermeable Membrane Devices Link Site-Specific Contaminants To Effects: Part 1 - Induction Of CYP1A In Rainbow Trout From Contaminants In Prince William Sound, Alaska
  • Semipermeable Membrane Devices Link Site-Specific Contaminants To Effects: Part II - A Comparison Of Lingering Exxon Valdez Oil With Other Potential Sources Of Cytochrome P450 1A Inducers In Prince William Sound, Alaska
  • Determination Of Uptake Rates For VOCs In Ambient Air By Using Axial Type Thermal Desorption Passive Tubes
  • Spatial Distributions Of Organic And Inorganic Polutants At An Industrial City On The Northwestern Turkey
  • New Approach in Calibration of Passive Permeation Samplers used for Sampling of VOCs from Air
  • The Effect of Temperature on the Uptake Rates of a New PDMS-Based Permeation Passive Sampler for VOCs in Air
  • TMDL Development Based Upon Passive Sampling Results; From Monitoring Plan to Loading Calculations
  • Using Semi-Permeable Membrane Device (SPMD) Samplers in Cave Environments to Detect PCBs
  • Pesticide Sequestration In Passive Samplers (SPMDs): The Effect Of Biofouling And Deployment Time In A Tropical Watershed
  • Passive Samplers On Semi-Permanent Moorings At Three Deep-Ocean Sites
  • Use of Chemical Analysis and Assays of SPMD Extracts to Assess the Response of Hydrophobic Organics Contaminants in Streams to Urbanization in Six Metropolitan Areas of the U.S.
  • Possible Leaching of Pollutants from a Deep-Sea Dumping of Harbor Sediments Studied with Passive Sampling Techniques

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