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PodcastPodcast Help

Podcasts are audio or video broadcasts created and stored digitally on the Internet. Instead of being broadcast once during our live web events, our podcasts are created to be stored and played at your convenience, similar to a VCR or DVR playing back a pre-recorded TV show. Unlike our streaming archives, podcasting completely transfers the entire file to your computer before it is played. Therefore, podcast programs do not require an internet connection for playback. Podcasting also provides a way to subscribe to these broadcasts as they are created and have them automatically delivered to your computer. These files can then be easily transferred to other devices such as portable digital media players.

You may subscribe to one or both of our podcast feeds using podcatching software (also called aggregator software) which periodically checks for and downloads new content. If you wish, it can then synchronize these files to your portable digital media player. Podcasting does not require an iPod; any portable digital media player or computer with the appropriate software can play podcasts.

The basic requirements for podcasting are a computer, podcasting software, and an Internet connection (the higher the speed, the better). To take your podcast with you, a portable digital media player is also needed. Below is a step by step guide:

  1. Install podcast software
    You first must install podcasting software to manage your subscriptions. A list of software applications is available on Yahoo!.

  2. Add our feed address to your software
    To subscribe to our Internet Seminar Archive Series feeds, copy one or both of the addresses below into your podcast application:
    Audio Podcast Feed:
    Video Podcast Feed:

    If you are using iTunes as your podcast application, you may subsctibe directly using the link below:
    Subscribe to audio podcast feed using Apple® iTunes®
    Subscribe to video podcast feed using Apple® iTunes®

  3. Download
    When a new archived Internet Seminar becomes available, your software will automatically download it, and will continue to automatically download future archives as soon as they are available.

  4. Listen
    After your download is complete, you can listen to the audio or video file on your computer or transfer it to your portable digital media player to listen to later.

For additional information on podcasting, please visit one of the numerous sites that provide more detailed information on the subject, such as Wikipedia. We welcome any feedback you may have on this new service.

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