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> NATO/CCMS Pilot Study: Prevention and Remediation
     Issues in Selected Industrial Sectors
     Athens, Greece June 4-7, 2006

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Opening Presentations
Small Sites with Petroleum HC Contamination
Risk Assessment and Follow on for Small Sites
Small Sites in Unique Settings/Multiple Contaminants
Small Sites with Organic Contaminants (Non Petroleum)
Tours de Table

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Opening Presentations

Introduction of Pilot Study—Walter W. Kovalick, Jr. (United States) (PDF) (5 pp, 63.6 KB) | PowerPoint Version (48.5 KB)

Current Research Topics—Anthimos Xenidis (Greece) (PDF) (12 pp, 243 KB) | PowerPoint Version (290 KB)

Current Research Topics and Soil Rehabilitation in the Municipality of Lavrion: A Case Study—Alecos Demetriades (Greece) (PDF) (57 pp, 29.3 MB) | PowerPoint Version (34.8MB)

Soil Inventory and Assessment Project: The EEA Experience Towards an Europe-wide Assessment of Areas Under Risk for Soil Contamination—Francesca Quercia (Italy) (PDF) (32 pp, 1.97 MB) | PowerPoint Version (4.39 KB)

State Coalition for Remediation of Dry Cleaners (SCROD): National Overview of Cleanup Strategies in States—William Linn (United States) (PDF) (30 pp, 2.35 MB) | PowerPoint Version (10.7 MB)


Small Sites with Petroleum HC Contamination

Urban Gasoline Stations: New Techniques for Early Leak Detection from USTS and Removal of Low Concentration Pollutants from Groundwater—Salvatore Contarini (Italy) (PDF) (31 pp, 8.14 MB) | PowerPoint Version (17.7 MB)

Investigation and Remediation of Sites Contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Lithuania—Ramune Seckuviene (Lithuania) (PDF) (29 pp, 2.08 MB) | PowerPoint Version (9.68 MB)

Influence of Time on the Design of Remediation Strategies for Small Sites: Two Case Studies—Paul Garrett (United Kingdom) (PDF) (15 pp, 295 KB) | PowerPoint Version (2.64 MB)


Risk Assessment and Follow on for Small Sites

Barriers and Bridges to Risk Assessment and Management of Contaminated Sites in Urban Areas: Upper Silesia Case Study–Janusz Krupanek (Poland) (PDF) (30 pp, 3.46 MB) | PowerPoint Version (11.8 MB)

Brownfields Redevelopment in Ontario, Canada: Two Case Studies—Steven Rose (Canada) (PDF) (28 pp, 2.87 MB) | PowerPoint Version (6.39 MB)

Examples of Health Risk Assessment: Application for Contaminated Sites in the Upper Silesia, Poland—Eleonora Wcislo (Poland) (PDF) (40 pp, 943 KB) | PowerPoint Version (5.12 MB)

Risk Assessment Based Environmental Management Systems for Petroleum Retail Stores—Cem Avci (Turkey) (PDF) (26 pp, 964 KB) | PowerPoint Version (75.0 KB)

Significance of Contamination from Small Sites to Urban Diffuse Pollution: Nottingham Case Study—David Lerner (United Kingdom) (PDF) (44 pp, 2.09 MB) | PowerPoint Version (3.14 MB)


Small Sites in Unique Settings/Multiple Contaminants

Remediation of the Hazardous Waste Landfill in Kölliken, Switzerland—Jean-Louis Tardent, Bernhard Hammer (Switzerland) (PDF) (8 pp, 444 KB) | PowerPoint Version (12.5 MB)

Remediation of a Heavily Congested Urban Site—Jeff Westeinde (Canada) (PDF) (19 pp, 2.25 MB) | PowerPoint Version (8.21 MB)

In Situ and On-site Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated by Petroleum Hydrocarbons: Case Study—Stylianos Papadopoulos (Greece) (PDF) (60 pp, 8.03 MB) | PowerPoint Version (25.5 MB)


Small Sites with Organic Contaminants (Non Petroleum)

Small Sites in Czech Republic—Kvetoslav Vlk, Vojtech Zikmund (Czech Republic) (PDF) (33 pp, 3.79 MB) | PowerPoint Version (7.29 MB)

Technical Approaches to Rapid Site Assessment and Cleanup of Dry Cleaner Sites: Florida Case Studies—William Linn (United States) (PDF) (34 pp, 2.90 MB) | PowerPoint Version (32.5 MB)

New Technologies for Site Measurement and Remediation—Masaaki Hosomi (Japan) (PDF) (69 pp, 2.59 MB) | PowerPoint Version (47.3 MB)

Institutional and Technical Approaches on Clearing of Polluted Territories from Obsolete Pesticides: As an Element of POPs—Sergei Tikhonov (Russia) (PDF) (23 pp, 398 KB) | PowerPoint Version (923 KB)

Site Remediation Using Chemical Oxidation Techniques—Robert Siegrist (United States) (PDF) (22 pp, 1.24 MB) | PowerPoint Version (36.2 MB)

Clustered Remediation of Drycleaning Sites in Flanders—Leen Bastiaens (Belgium) (PDF) (36 pp, 2.50 MB) | PowerPoint Version (17.9 MB)

Cleanup of Small Dry Cleaner Using Multiple Technologies: Sages Dry Cleaner Site—Guy Sewell (United States) (PDF) (52 pp, 1.36 MB) | PowerPoint Version (6.97 MB)

Biogenie’s Contaminated Soil Treatment Facilities—Guillaume Bédard (Canada) (PDF) (32 pp, 4.55 MB) | PowerPoint Version (31.2 MB)

In Situ Thermal Remediation of Soil Contaminated with Organic Chemicals—Ralph Baker (United States) (PDF) (35 pp, 6.41 MB) | PowerPoint Version (12.1 MB)

Applying Innovative Land Remediation—Johan van Veen (Netherlands) (PDF) (15 pp, 3.84 MB) | PowerPoint Version (610 KB)


Tours de Table

Turkey Tour de Table—Kahraman Unlu (Turkey) (PDF) (16 pp, 104 KB) | PowerPoint Version (75.0 KB)

Environmental Security in Georgia—Irma Gurguliani (Georgia) (PDF) (18 pp, 893 KB) | PowerPoint Version (1.67 MB)

Italy: The New Legislation on the Remediation of Contaminated Sites—Francesca Quercia (Italy) (PDF) (8 pp, 161 KB) | PowerPoint Version (122 KB)

The State of Contaminated Sites: Issues in Slovenia—Branko Druzina (Slovenia) (PDF) (50 pp, 1.69 MB) | PowerPoint Version (3.35 MB)

Lithuania Tour de Table—Kestutis Kadunas (Lithuania) (PDF) (6 pp, 32.2 KB) | PowerPoint Version (36.0 KB)

Contaminated Land in Greece: Recent Developments—Nymphodora Papassiopi (Greece) (PDF) (21 pp, 159 KB) | PowerPoint Version (128 KB)

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Page Last Modified: September 19, 2006