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> 7th Passive Sampling Workshop and Symposium (Day 1)
Sponsored by: Columbia Environmental Research Center, U. S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior, and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Originally Held April 24, 2007, 8:15 AM - 12:00 PM, EDT (12:15-16:00 GMT)
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Today's Presentations
POCIS - Current Applications, On-going Research and Future Needs
David Alvarez, U.S. Geological Survey, Columbia Environmental Research Center
PPT (9.97MB)
Color PDF (669KB)
B&W PDF (870KB)
Laboratory Calibration and Field Deployment of the Polar Organic Chemical Integrative Sampler (POCIS) for Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products
Sherri MacLeod, University of Alberta, Department of Chemistry
PPT (21.48MB)
Color PDF (716KB)
B&W PDF (1.51MB)
Dissipation Of Polar Xenobiotics From Pharmaceutical POCIS And Suggestion Of A Performance Reference Compound
Nicolas Mazzella, Unité de Recherche REBX, Groupement CEMAGREF de Bordeaux
PPT (7.03MB)
Color PDF (389KB)
B&W PDF (604KB)
Investigating Chemicals from Wastewater Discharges in Tinkers Creek
John Tertuliani, U.S. Geological Survey, Ohio Water Science Center
PPT (23.66MB)
Color PDF (833KB)
B&W PDF (3.11MB)
Using Integrative Passive Samplers To Monitor Current-Use And Legacy Pesticides In San Francisco Bay, California
Kelly Smalling, U.S. Geological Survey
PPT (12.15MB)
Color PDF (921KB)
B&W PDF (2.00MB)
Using Passive Samplers in Lake Mead National Recreational Area to Assess Sources of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds
Steven Goodbred, U.S. Geological Survey
Not Available for Download
A Holistic Passive Sampling Calibration For Alkylated Phenols
Christopher Harman, NIVA, Norwegian Institute for Water Research
PPT (6.78MB)
Color PDF (462KB)
B&W PDF (576KB)
Rigid Porous Polyethylene Passive Diffusion Samplers
Steve Packard, Columbia Analytical Services
PPT (4.20MB)
Color PDF (514KB)
B&W PDF (908KB)
A Simple Diffusion Sampler for Pore-Water Hydrogen as a Tool for Understanding Redox Conditions in Saturated Sediment
Don Vroblesky, U.S. Geological Survey
PPT (11.34MB)
Color PDF (652KB)
B&W PDF (1.24MB)
Measuring HOC Chemical Activity In Sediments Using Polyethylene Passive Samplers
Loretta Fernandez, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Not Available for Download
Environmental Investigations Using Versatile, Vapor-Permeable, Adsorbent-based Passive Samplers
George Shaw, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
PPT (4.13MB)
Color PDF (1.03MB)
B&W PDF (2.59MB)
Additional Tools and Resources
US EPA (1998) "Passive Soil Gas Sampler, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., GORE-SORBER® Screening Survey," US EPA Environmental Technology Verification Report, EPA/600/R-98/095, August 1998.

ITRC (2007) "Protocol for Use of Five Passive Samplers to Sample for a Variety of Contaminants in Groundwater," Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council, February 2007

ITRC (2007) "Technology Overview of Passive Sampler Technologies," Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council, March 2006

ITRC (2007) "Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical Guideline," Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council, January 2007

ITRC (2007) "Vapor Intrusion Pathway: Investigative Approaches for Typical Scenarios," Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council, January 2007

Hewitt, Alan D. (1996) "Establishing a Relationship Between Passive Soil Vapor and Grab Sample Techniques for Determining Volatile Organic Compounds," Special Report 96-14, US Army Corps of Engineers, Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory, September 1996.

7th Passive Sampling Workshop and Symposium (on U.S. Geological Survey web site)

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