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In Situ Thermal Treatment Site Profile Database

MGP Gasholder
Last Updated: 01/18/2006
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Site Name   MGP Gasholder
Site Location   North Adams, MA
Site Type   Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP)
Cleanup Program   State Cleanup Program
Project Name   MGP Gasholder
Project Technology   Conductive Heating (In Situ Thermal Treatment)
Scale   Full scale
Vendor   TerraTherm
Project Status   Complete
Project completion date   06/30/2005

Contaminants of Concern Benzene
Total petroleum hydrocarbons
Media Type Soil
Debris (Buildings, Structures, or Equipment)
Volume of Media Treated   2010 cubic yards
Treatment depth   18 feet
Performance data available?   No
Site contact information   Ralph Baker
CEO & Technology Manager
TerraTherm, Inc.
10 Stevens Road, Fitchburg, MA 01420
Tel.: (978) 343-0300
Fax: (978) 343-2727
Email: rbaker@terratherm.com
Information Source(s)   Email communication from Jim Cummings, EPA to Richard Weisman, Tetra Tech EMI, February 24, 2004.

Information obtained from Devon Tarmasiewicz, TerraTherm, Inc. (submitted online on December 21, 2005).

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