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Technical and Technology Support Services

Technical and Technology Support Services

Triad Support

The Triad approach to decision-making for hazardous waste sites offers a technically defensible methodology for managing decision uncertainty that leverages innovative characterization tools and strategies. The Triad refers to three primary components, systematic planning, dynamic work strategies, and real-time measurement systems. TIFSD provides stakeholders with support services for Triad projects including: Systematic planning, reviewing and providing comments on project documents, such as requests for proposals, work plans, field sampling plans, quality assurance plans, and conceptual site models; Facilitating the consideration and use of the Triad approach; Providing information about field-based technologies, appropriate sample design, and data management strategies for site assessment and cleanup; Identifying how dynamic work strategies and decision support tools can be incorporated in site assessment activities; as well as evaluating remedial technologies and their advantages and limitations for site-specific features and needs.

For more information at the following types of sites, please contact:

Remediation Optimization

Remediation optimization uses defined approaches to improve the effectiveness and efficiency with which an environmental remedy reaches its stated goals. TIFSD has provided optimization support including third-party site-wide optimization evaluations conducted by expert teams, the use of mathematical tools to determine optimal operating parameters or monitoring networks and the consideration of emerging technologies.

For more information, please contact Kirby Biggs, Technology Integration and Information Branch, 202-823-3081,

Superfund Sediment Resource Center

The Superfund Sediment Resource Center (SSRC) is designed to assist EPA staff on technical issues related to the cleanup of contaminated sediment sites. The Center focuses on providing timely and helpful input on site-specific issues for topics related to sediment site characterization such as data collection and evaluation; sediment stability; modeling (e.g., hydrodynamic, contaminant fate and transport, and food chain); ecological and human health risks; and the efficacy of remedies such as capping, dredging, monitored natural recovery (MNR), and treatment technologies.

For more information, please contact Matt Lambert, Science Policy Branch, 202-566-1385,

EPA Brownfields and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center

Coordinated through EPA's Technology Innovation and Field Services Division, the Brownfields and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center ensures that Brownfields decision makers are aware of the full range of technologies available to make informed or "smart" technology decisions for their sites. The Brownfields Center provides a readily accessible resource for unbiased assessments and supporting information on options relevant to specific sites. The Center also provides a technology-oriented review process for investigation and clean-up plans for these sites. The project also provides information about other available support activities, such as those conducted by the Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) Program located at the five regional Hazardous Substance Research Centers. Direct support is available to EPA regional staff, state staff, and local governments.

U.S. EPA Environmental Response Team Center

The Environmental Response Team (ERT) offers an array of products to assist other environmental practitioners both in the field and in the office. They offer immediate download of items such as software packages, guidance related to a wide variety of environmental sampling procedures, analytical and quality assurance Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), fact sheets, and bulletins.

For more information, please contact Marc Greenburg, Environmental Response Team, (732) 321-6740,

U.S. EPA Technical Support Project

Provides technical assistance to Regional Remedial Project Managers, Corrective Action Staff, and On-Scene Coordinators. The Project consists of a network of Regional Forums and specialized Technical Support Centers located in ORD and the Office of Radiation Programs (ORP) laboratories, and OLEM's Environmental Response Team.

For more information, please contact Deb Cox, Technology Assessment Branch, 202-566-0946,

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