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Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs)

Detection and Site Characterization

Halogenated Monoaromatics

Diffusion Samplers

Diffusion samplers can be used to sample halogenated alkanes in water. Halogenated alkanes are volatile; therefore, diffusion sampling devices also should be effective for most of these chemicals in soil gas.

Standard Laboratory Methods

Most of the halogenated monoaromatics can be detected using standard SW-846 volatile organic methods or Contract Laboratory Program methods. The dichlorobenzenes and 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene also are target compounds for SW-846 Method 8270 (semivolatiles).

Field Screening Methods

Field GC and GC/MS are appropriate for most of the halogenated benzenes. Standards should be run to verify detection limits.

Chloro- and diclorobenzenes are detectable using instruments that have a photoionization detector (PID). A 9.5 eV or 10.2 eV lamp should give good results.

A detection tube is available for chlorobenzene; however, other chlorinated hydrocarbons can interfere in its detection.