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The 10th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP), Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 24-29, 2011

The ICMGP was initiated in Gavle, Sweden, in 1990 and now is held every two to three years as the preeminent international forum for discussion of science and policy issues related to mercury in the environment. The presentation abstracts are available on the website through the Final Technical Program.

Mercury Challenges in the Environment: A Technical Summit
U.S. DOE, Office of Environmental Management, 544 pp, Oct 2009

DOE's Office of Groundwater and Soil Remediation sponsored the technical summit, which convened October 22-23, 2009, at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Topics included mercury-related regulatory and public issues; mercury at the DOE Oak Ridge site; mechanisms and controls on mercury biogeochemistry; transformation strategies for reducing formation of methylmercury; environment ecological risk assessment; site conceptual modeling of mercury; modeling of mercury transport pathways and associated risk; and innovative characterization and remediation technologies for mercury in sediments, soils, and water. The meeting agenda, abstracts, and many of the presentations are posted on DOE's Groundwater and Soil Remediation Web site under "Workshops and Events."

Adobe PDF LogoMercury Contaminated Sites: Summary Report, Nicole Technical Meeting
Blom, M. (compiler).
NICOLE Mercury Working Group, 32 pp, 2012

The technical workshop on mercury-contaminated sites of 4 December 2012, in Brussels, Belgium, was held to identify and disseminate state-of-the-art strategies, techniques, and technologies that support the management of Hg-contaminated sites while minimizing risk and maximizing sustainability. This report summarizes the workshop presentations and discussions. Mercury Working Group PaperAdobe PDF Logo

Proceedings of the U.S. Geological Survey 2004 Mercury Workshop: Mercury Research and Its Relation to Department of the Interior Resource Management Colman, John A. (ed.).
U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2007-1026, 38 pp, 2007.

The workshop focused on the science of mercury as it relates to land and air management practices, the influence of ecosystem setting, mercury source issues, and impacts to living resources. The workshop was videotaped, and the panel session videos are available on line with the slides that accompanied the presentations.

Workshop proceedings summary and abstracts

Work Groups

Binational Toxics Strategy Mercury Workgroup
US EPA Region 5
77 West Jackson Boulevard (A-18J)
Chicago, IL 60604

The Binational Toxics Strategy Mercury Workgroup's web page provides information about the impact of mercury on human health and the environment and the behavior of mercury in the environment, and, about reducing use and release of mercury, whether through regulation or through sector-specific voluntary activites. The workgroup shares information about cost-effective mercury reduction opportunities, and about meeting the mercury reduction challenges of the Binational Toxics Strategy.

Enhanced Knowledge in Mercury Fate and Transport for Improved Management of Hg Soil Contamination
SNOWMAN Network, Project No. SN-03/08, 2014

The IMaHg project provides recommendations and highlights needs areas for improving the management of mercury-contaminated sites.

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