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Submission Form

Please download and complete the form below and send it via email to Ed Gilbert of EPA's Technology Assessment Branch at gilbert.edward@epa.gov.

If you are using Internet Explorer and have MS Office on your computer, clicking on the link for the MS Word file will open it in your browser window. If you'd like to download it instead, please follow these steps:
1) Right mouse click on the selected file.
2) Select "Save link as . . ." or "Save target as . . ."
3) Save the file to your desktop.
4) Double click on the downloaded file.

Submission Form (MS Word, 7 pp., 57 KB)

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For more information on Alternative Landfill Covers, please contact:

Ed Gilbert
Technology Assessment Branch

PH: (703) 603-8883 | Email: gilbert.edward@epa.gov