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EPA has developed this Web site to summarize timely information about selected on-going and completed remediation technology demonstration projects. Remediation technology demonstration projects are new technologies or new applications of existing technologies that are under development and are being tested at the demonstration or field scale before they are used in full-scale cleanups. Projects for this Web site are collected using information from technical journals and conference proceedings, as well as information obtained from technology vendors and site managers. The project profiles contain information about relevant site background, the types of contaminants and media treated, the technology used, the duration of demonstration, project size, location, cost, monitoring and performance results, as well as points of contacts and references. This Web site can be used as a networking tool (each profile lists a contact) to identify past solutions and lessons learned that would apply to new sites with similar contaminants and climate.

As of August 2011, the Web site included information on 483 field-scale remediation technology demonstration projects. Projects address cleanup technologies for soil and groundwater that have been used in the U.S. or Canada. The database does not include projects that involve only site characterization technologies or computer modeling, however. As further information is obtained, EPA plans to update and expand this Web site with new remediation technology demonstration project profiles and updated information about existing project profiles.

In the past, EPA has tracked field-scale demonstration projects and has published two editions of a report titled "Innovative Remediation Technologies: Field-Scale Demonstration Projects in North America," most recently in June 2000. In addition, EPA publishes a monthly Technology Innovation News Survey (TINS) that includes limited information about technology demonstrations and feasibility studies, as well as about market and commercialization, cleanup, research, and general topics.

For more information or to update or add a new profile, please contact:

Ed Gilbert, EPA
(703) 603-8883

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