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State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners Site Profiles

Denice Cleaners, Coral Springs, Florida

Historical activity that resulted in contamination.

This is an active PCE drycleaning facility that has been in operation since 1985. Reportedly, in 1991 there was a spill of 5-10 gallons of PCE outside the service door of the facility during a solvent delivery. The drycleaning facility is located in a strip mall in a retail commercial/residential setting.

Contaminants present and the highest amount detected in both soil and groundwater.

Contaminant Media Concentration (ppb) Nondetect
cis-1,2-Dichloroethene groundwater 3.9 ppb
1,1-Dichloroethene groundwater 23 ppb
Tetrachloroethene (PCE) groundwater 53 ppb
Tetrachloroethene (PCE) soil 920 ppb
Trichloroethene (TCE) groundwater 4 ppb
Vinyl Chloride groundwater 1 ppb

Site Hydrology

Deepest Significant Groundwater Contamination:   12ft bgs
Plume Size:   Plume Length: 80ft
Plume Width: 60ft
Plume Thickness: 12ft
Average Depth to Groundwater:   5ft

Lithology and Subsurface Geology

  Fine- to medium-grained sand
Depth: 0-5ft bgs
5ft thick
Conductivity: 105ft/day
Gradient: 0.008ft/ft
  Weathered limestone
Depth: 5-8ft bgs
3ft thick
  Medium-grained sand
Depth: 8-15ft bgs
7ft thick
  Medium- to coarse-grained sand and limestone gravel
Depth: 15-20ft bgs
5ft thick

Pathways and DNAPL Presence

DNAPL Present

Remediation Scenario

Cleanup Goals:
  Groundwater: PCE = 3.0 µg/L, TCE = 3.0 µg/L, cis 1,2-DCE = 70 µg/L, 1,1-DCE = 7.0 µg/L, vinyl chloride = 1.0 µg/L

Soil: 30 µg/kg


Ex Situ Soil Removal

Why the technology was selected:
The contaminated soil was located beneath an alley behind the facility and was accessible.

Date implemented:
October 29-30, 2001

Final remediation design:
Approximately 2.4 cubic yards of soil was excavated with a backhoe. The excavation was backfilled with limerock and the pavement was restored.

Results to date:
Contaminant concentrations in groundwater declined to below MCLs for three consecutive sampling events. A Site Rehabilitation Completion Report was issued on November 5, 2001.

Cost to Design and Implement:
Soil excavation, disposal & site restoration: $ 16,100


Cost for Assessment:
Cost for Operation and Maintenance:
  Groundwater Monitoring: $ 23,600
Total Costs for Cleanup:
  $ 89,900


Aaron Cohen
Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waste Cleanup, MS 4500
2600 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Bruce Wilson, P.G.
Ecology & Environment, Inc.
1940 Commonwealth Lane
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
Phone: (850) 574-1400

Site Specific References

Contamination Assessment Report: November 1997

Groundwater Monitoring Reports: 1999-2001

Soil Excavation Letter Report: 2001


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