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Bioremediation (In Situ) at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Lompoc, CA

Project Information                               
Site Name, Location:   Vandenberg Air Force Base, Lompoc, CA  United States
Contaminant(s) of Concern:   Methyl tert butyl ether
Media Treated:   Groundwater
Treatment Technology(s):   Bioremediation (In Situ)
Technology Design and Operation:   Pilot demonstration consists of three configurations for oxygen addition: release wells, release panel, and a permeable trench. Each configuration utilizes a patented engineered polymeric diffusive release apparatus known as the Waterloo Emitter TM.
In Situ or Ex Situ Treatment:   In Situ
Technology Vendor:   University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontarion, Canada
Vendor Phone:   519-888-4058
Vendor Email:
Technology Scale:   Pilot
Start of Operation:   8/1/1999
End of Operation:   Present
Status:   On-going
Additional Information:   Vandenberg Air Force Base Case Study (PDF)
Comments:   Based on the success of the pilot study, presently a full scale implementation of the Waterloo Emitter TM technology is underway at the Vandenberg Air Force Base.
Last Updated:   Last Updated
Cost and Performance Information (µg/l in groundwater)     
Contaminant(s) of Concern:  
Chemical Name Goal Before After
Methyl tert butyl ether 420 2
Additional Information About Technology Performance:   Reported MTBE concentrations are groundwater concentrations. MTBE concentration after treatment is as of December 1999.
Point(s) of Contact                                 
Secondary Contact:   Scott Inwood, Commercialization Manager
Technology Transfer Office
University of Waterloo
Stanford, CA N2L 3G1  United States
Phone:   519-888-4567    Ext. 3728
Fax:   519-746-3575

Primary Contact:   Douglas Mackay,
University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo
Stanford, CA 94305  United States
Phone:   650-324-2809
Fax:   650-324-2259

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Scott Inwood, University of Waterloo. 2002. Update to Vandenberg Air Force Base Profile Via Web Site Submission. June 7.

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