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Phytoremediation at Argonne National Laboratory West in Idaho - Project 1
Last Updated: Fall 2004
Site Information                                                      
Site Name, Location:   Argonne National Laboratory West, Idaho Falls, ID, United States
Site Type:   Federal Facility
Is this a Federal
Superfund Site?
ROD Date, if applicable:   09/29/1998
Is this a Federal or
Military Site?

Project Information                                                      
Project Name:   Phytoremediation at Argonne National Laboratory West in Idaho - Project 1
Scale:   Pilot/Field Demonstration
Project Status:   Complete
Project Start Date:   1999
Project Completion Date:   2002
Media Treated:  
Media Qty. Geology Comments
Soil 40 percent bondfarm loamy sand, 30 percent rock outcrop, 20 percent grassy butte loamy sand. Effective rooting depth is 10 to 20 inches. Available water capacity is low.
Contaminants Treated:  
Contaminant Initial
Depth Media Comments
Cesium-137 30.53 pCi/g Soil
Phytotechnology Mechanism(s):   Phytoremediation
Plants and other Vegetation Used:   Kochia
Planting Description:   Hydro-seeded Mexican fireweed.
Planting Area:   0.61 acre
Climate:   Northern high desert, very low humidity, short growing season, less than 5 days above 100 C. 45 C typical nighttime temperature. Temperature range: -38 to 102 F; Elevation: 4728 feet; Mean annual precipitation: 230 mm; Growing season: 6/14 to 9/4.
O & M Requirements:   Irrigation (system with automated sensors based on soil moisture content), Manure addition, non-potassium fertilizer, pest control (Roundup), harvesting (manual)
Performance Data:   Cesium: 6.54 pCi/g - deemed successful
Cost of the Phytotechnology Project:   $2.5 Million
Comments:   Initial costs could be reduced significantly from this project because of readily available information that currently exists.

Point(s) of Contact                                                                      
    Scott Lee
Argonne West
United States
Telephone: (208) 533-7829

Information Source(s):   Various CERCLA documents, including EPA Superfund Record of Decision: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, OU 21. 9/29.98. EPA/ROD/R10-98/061 1998.

Scott Lee, Argonne West, Email to Ellen Rubin EPA on October 21, 2004

EPA. 2005. Use of Field-Scale Phytotechnology for Chlorinated Solvents, Metals, Explosives and Propellants, and Pesticides. EPA 542-R-05-002.



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