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Permeable Reactive Barriers, Permeable Treatment Zones, and Application of Zero-Valent Iron

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Permeable Barrier Installation Profiles
RTDF (Remediation Technologies Development Forum)

This webpage was last updated in August 2001 but contains numerous profiles of barriers constructed before then.

A Risk/Benefit Appraisal for the Application of Nano-Scale Zero Valent Iron (NZVI) for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites
Bardos, P., B. Bone, P. Daly, D. Elliott, S. Jones, G. Lowry, and C. Merly.
NanoRem Issues Paper, 89 pp, 2014

This report discusses the relative risks and benefits of NZVI usage for in situ remediation (i.e., the potential for the NZVI treatment agent itself to present human health or environmental risks) and its sustainability as a technique; identifies the areas where further investigation might be required; and provides an overview of NZVI use in full-scale, pilot, and lab studies to date. This paper is intended to help stakeholders by identifying key issues and providing a basis for evidence-based decisions.