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Solvent Extraction


Fixed Facilities for Soil Washing: a Regulatory Analysis
1997. Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) Metals in Soils Team. 29 pp.

This document discusses issues surrounding the use of fixed facilities for the treatment of contaminated soil and sediment via soil washing technologies. For the purposes of this report, the term 'soil washing' will be used to describe both physical and chemical separation processes, including solvent extraction.

Adobe PDF LogoInnovative Site Remediation Technologies: Design and Application, Vol. 3: Liquid Extraction Technologies Soil Washing, Soil Flushing, Solvent/Chemical
1998. M.J. Mann, et al. American Academy of Environmental Engineers, Annapolis, MD. ISBN: 1-883767-19-9, 432 pp.

The Innovative Site Remediation Technology series was prepared by WASTECH , a multiorganization cooperative project managed by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers with grant assistance from the U.S. EPA, DoD, and DOE. This book describes the design, application, and implementation of soil washing, soil flushing, and chemical extraction technologies for metals and organics.