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Thermal Treatment: In Situ


Upcoming In Situ Thermal Treatment Courses and Conferences and Archived Online Events

CLU-IN's Upcoming Courses and Conferences area features events related to innovative treatment and site characterization technologies, while the CLU-IN Studio contains live and archived videos, internet seminars, and conference webcasts.

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Archived CLU-IN Seminars:

Thermal Treatment Technologies: Lessons Learned
SERDP-ESTCP Website, On-Demand Video Short Course, 90 min + 130 slides, 2011

An archived video of a short course presented in December 2011 at the SERDP and ESTCP Symposium highlights the potential of thermal treatment technologies. The course summarizes the results from research and demonstration projects focused on improving the technology and understanding its performance, especially for difficult sites, such as those with DNAPL contamination in fractured bedrock. The course has four modules.