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iCalendar Help

What is iCalendar?
iCalendar is a standard for calendar data exchange. iCalendar allows users to either receive meeting information through email attachments or download it through their web browser.

What do I need to use iCalendar?
You need to use a program or web-based service that can recognize iCalendar files. Wikipedia lists several of the most popular programs and web-based services for reading iCalendar files. Many of these are free of charge. You may also search using the term "iCalendar" on either Yahoo, Google or your favorite search engine

How can I receive iCalendar files for individual CLU-IN Internet Seminars?
To download iCalendar files for individual events, simply click the calendar icon next to any seminar listed on our Training calendar. You will also receive an iCalendar file attached to your registration confirmation email anytime you register for a seminar on CLU-IN.

For additional information on iCalendar, please visit one of the numerous sites that provide more detailed information on the subject, such as Wikipedia. We welcome any feedback you may have on this new service.