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Conferences and Seminars

As an emerging contaminant, 1,4-Dioxane has generated considerable interest at national and international conferences; in some cases, with sessions dedicated exclusively to 1,4-Dioxane investigation, remediation, and/or t

Battelle Conferences
International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds
International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments
International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies

Emerging Contaminants Summit

National Environmental Monitoring Conferences (NEMC)

Remediation Technology Summit Conferences (RemTEC)

Remediation Technologies Symposiums (RemTech)

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)

1,4-Dioxane Remediation
Marley, M. XDD Environmental webinar, 44 slides, 2020

The basic properties of 1,4-Dioxane relative to remediation, ex situ and in situ treatment options, and promising in situ technologies to remediate 1,4-Dioxane are illustrated. Slides Adobe PDF Logo & Recording

NEWMOA 1,4-Dioxane Assessment & Remediation Workshop, 10 Dec 2015, Lebanon, NH
Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA) Website, 2015

Five of the seven presentations given during this NEWMOA workshop provide case studies of technologies implemented for dioxane remediation:

  • 1,4-Dioxane Remediation Technology Development: An Overview Based on 70+ Projects (P.M. Dombrowski, 15 slides)
  • Synthetic Media for Removal of 1,4-Dioxane from Groundwater (S. Woodard, 19 slides)
  • 1,4-Dioxane: Connecticut's Perspective (S. Pociu, 9 slides)
  • 1,4-Dioxane Case Study, Eastham Landfill Eastham, Massachusetts (P. Locke, et al., 10 slides)
  • 1,4-Dioxane: New Hampshire's Experience (J.M. Regan, 12 slides)

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