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Kwan, W. and W. Eifert. Regional Workshop: Introduction to Phytotechnologies and Water Balance (Evapotranspiration) Covers, December 14 & 15, 2011, San Francisco, California. 41 slides, 2011

Near Williamsburg, Virginia, an inactive, unlined, 34-acre industrial waste landfill surrounds a 16-acre jurisdictional wetland. Leachate containing high levels of zinc, iron, and acidity discharges into the wetland and affects the sediment. The innovative contamination management solution consisted of the design and retrofit of a staged constructed treatment wetland (CTW) into the existing jurisdictional wetland in 1999; installation in 2001 of a tree plantation (Phyto Cap) over key landfill areas; and consumptive recirculation/re-use of treated CTW water to minimize discharge. This sustainable remediation approach has provided substantial ecosystem and energy-saving benefits.

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