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Thomas, R.C., J. McArthur, D. Braatz, and T.L. Welp.
ERDC TN-DOER-T13, 11 pp, 2017

This technical note presents an evaluation of sediment collector technology, a new device that may help to manage sediments and reduce traditional dredging requirements. The installation of sediment collector technology in Fountain Creek, Pueblo, Colorado, demonstrated that the technology worked with coarse sediments in a shallow unidirectional flow environment; had minimal maintenance costs over a 1-yr deployment; survived record floods with minimal damage; was capable of producing up to 100 yd3 per hour with a single 30-ft collector; and was relatively inexpensive and easy to deploy without specialized equipment. U.S. EPA funded the demonstration project. http://hdl.handle.net/11681/22150 See also 12 slides at https://s3.amazonaws.com/sitesusa/wp-content/uploads/sites/502/2016/07/mcarthur_10_17_12_Dredging2012_sediment_collector_thomas-2.5.pdf.

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