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Whitaker, R.
Meeting of the Groundwater Quality Committee of the Board of Directors, Water Replenishment District of Southern California, April 11, 2017. Environmental Sites Review: 8-9(2017)

The 9-acre Fairchild Controls facility formerly operated as a parts manufacturer for the aerospace industry (1955-1992). Cleaning/degreasing operations resulted in the release of PCE and TCE, and a chrome acid storage tank/clarifier in an on-site plating shop was a source of Cr(VI). Until the 1980s, waste solvents were placed in an underground waste oil sump, which leaked and was removed in 1988. The site was redeveloped into the current Manhattan Gateway Shopping Center in 1999. Groundwater impacts are present in three water-bearing zones: a shallow zone (65-100 ft bgs), deep zone (100-120 ft bgs), and lower gage (130-150 ft bgs). Site constituents have not been detected in area production wells (the closest located ~2.4 miles east). Multiple treatments have been implemented over the years to address the site's soil and groundwater contamination: Excavation (1998); SVE #1 (1998-2000); groundwater P&T (1999-2000); SVE #2 (2004-2011); in situ calcium polysulfide (CPS) pilot for Cr(VI) in groundwater #1 (2005); in situ CPS/EVO in groundwater #2 on & off site (2008); SVE #3 off-site pilot (2010-2011); in situ cheese whey pilot (reductive dechlorination) in groundwater #3a (2014 & 2015); and in situ groundwater recirculation #3b pilot (2016). http://www.wrd.org/sites/pr/files/board-document/170411%20GWQ%20Agenda%20Pkg.pdf Follow up on monitoring results at http://geotracker.waterboards.ca.gov/esi/uploads/geo_report/1533371210/WDR100000332.PDF.

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