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Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), 44 pp, 2017

Previously part of a facility that manufactured latex and foam rubber products (Hibco Corp.), the site now is a parking lot for impounded vehicles. In response to the RWQCB request to begin groundwater remediation to address VOCs, Cr(VI), and 1,4-dioxane in groundwater associated with the interceptor sand trap that acted as a source for these impacts, the proposed pilot test follows the completion in 2016 of soil excavation activities in the sand trap vicinity. The pilot objectives are to evaluate the effectiveness of sodium persulfate to treat chlorinated hydrocarbons in groundwater beneath the site; obtain site-specific information regarding injection pressure, radius of influence, and rate of persulfate delivery; and determine Cr(VI) mobility under oxidative conditions. This work plan discusses site history and conditions, describes the remedial design, and provides as an appendix a vendor guide on the use of alkaline-activated Klozur® persulfate. See the work plan at http://geotracker.waterboards.ca.gov/esi/uploads/geo_report/4363458454/SL0603752949.PDF and visit http://geotracker.waterboards.ca.gov/profile_report?global_id=SL0603752949 for follow-on reports.

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