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U.S. EPA Region 4, 134 pp, 2017

This site was operated from 1947 to 1991 by different owners as a wood preserving facility that used either coal tar creosote or a solution of 10% pentachlorophenol (PCP) for wood treating. The site was not divided into operable units for cleanup, and the soil and groundwater remedies for the entire site are addressed in this 5-year review. EPA remediated the western portion of the site in 2006 (prior to the ROD), and it continues to function as an athletic complex. In 2008, a small-scale in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) study using potassium permanganate in multiple injection events was conducted. Following completion of soil excavation, storm water improvements, barrier wall installation, engineered cap installation, and the first full-scale ISCO injection event in October 2014, concentrations of carbazole, dibenzofuran, naphthalene, PCP, and 2-methylnaphthalene were still above remedial goals in shallow and intermediate groundwater monitoring wells, in addition to concentrations of manganese in the intermediate wells. A second full-scale ISCO injection event took place in April 2016. https://semspub.epa.gov/src/document/04/11069996 The ISCO performance report was not available in time to be included in the 5-year review, but additional information is available in a presentation at http://www.same.org/Portals/0/posts/philadelphia/documents/DCHWS/DCHWS2017/DCHWS2017Panel2Speaker2CarrieMcCoyBlackVeatch.pdf.

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