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Three documents on comparison studies of radiation risk and dose assessment models for legacy sites were prepared by Nasser Shubayr, a participant from the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Research Participation Program while at EPA's Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation in 2017. The three documents focus on risk and dose assessment models recommended by governmental agencies for investigating radioactively contaminated sites.
  • Overview of Radiation Risk and Dose Assessment Models for Radioactively Contaminated Sites and Selected Default Input Parameters.
  • Handbook of Parameters for U.S. and International Governments Risk and Dose Assessment Models for Remediation of Radiologically Contaminated Soil (PRG/DCC, RESRAD, NORMALYSA, RCLEA, RSRARS, WISMUT and NCRP).
  • Study of Chemical and Radiation Risk Assessment Methods for the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Environment Agency of the United Kingdom.
The three research studies are available at https://epa-prgs.ornl.gov/radionuclides/prg_comparison.html.

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