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New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), 4 pp, 2018

Cleanup actions commencing early in 2018 will address contamination related to the Lee Avenue Railroad Area site located at Lee Ave./Route 23 along Railroad, Norwich, Chenango County, New York. Primary contaminants of concern on the site include TCE, 1,1,1-TCA, their associated breakdown products, PCE, and toluene. The cleanup action is based on excavation of contaminated source area soil; treatment to degrade contaminants in bedrock groundwater; and implementation of controls to prevent exposure to remaining contamination. Treatment includes injections of Newman Zone HRO™, a vegetable oil blend, into the fractured bedrock to enhance anaerobic bioremediation of the groundwater contaminants. The March 2017 Record of Decision provides additional details of the remedy and the rationale used by NYSDEC for remedy selection: http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/remediation_hudson_pdf/709014rod.pdf.

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