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Foundations of Readiness: Journal of the Army National Guard 34-35(2018)

The Army National Guard (ARNG) cleans up hazardous substances left by historical operations at its active and formerly used installations. The cleanup of Camp Ravenna in Ohio, a former Army ammunition plant, is a high-profile project. The ARNG team focuses mainly on PAHs and metals in the soil. Excavation and removal typically is conducted if the contaminated soil zone is under 3,000 yd3, but for larger projects the team prefers the Vapor Energy Generator (VEG) technology. VEG technology involves thermal treatment with a patented filtration technology for air discharges. Once remediated, the soil can be retained on site. The project at Camp Ravenna started in February 2016, has achieved cleanup goals at some of the sites within the footprint, and is ongoing. The team also saves time and money through the use of a mobile onsite lab for high-resolution site characterization. http://www.nationalguard.mil/Portals/31/Documents/ARNG/ARNG2018Installations.pdf

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