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Liang, S., R.D. Pierce Jr., H. Lin, S.-Y.D. Chiang, and Q.J. Huang.
Remediation Journal 28(2):127-134(2018)

In an investigation of the feasibility of coupling electrochemical oxidation (EO) with the use of ion exchange resin (IXR) to address PFOA and PFOS contamination, destruction of PFOA and PFOS by EO was confirmed by the significantly elevated fluoride concentration in the treated IXR solution. EO efficacy also was examined with a Magneli titanium suboxides (Ti4O7) phase anode to treat highly concentrated PFASs acquired during IXR regeneration following treatment of PFAS-contaminated groundwater. Key variables that might affect the efficacy of EO treatment of PFASs were explored with solutions spiked with PFOA and PFOS at different concentrations in different batch reactor setups and under various operating conditions. This paper is Open Access at https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/rem.21554.

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