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Smiech, K.M., A. Tolsma, T. Kovacs, V. Dalbosco, K. Yasadi, L. Groendijk, and L.L.F. Agostinho.
Water 10(2):119(2018)

Three pilot-scale slow sand filters (SSFs) (flowrate 6 L/h) were tested for their capacity to remove arsenic from groundwater under conditions of 70 µg As(III)/L at 26°C. Two filters were prepared with sand mixed with corrosive iron matter (CIM filter) and iron-coated sand (ICS filter), and the third conventional SSF was used as a reference. Although the ICS filter removed As, the calculated median of the effluent As concentration was 42 µg/L. The CIM filter was able to remove As to below the World Health Organization guideline concentration of 10 µg/L, even for inlet concentrations above 150 µg/L. After 230 days of continuous operation, As concentration in the effluent began to increase, indicating depletion or saturation of the CIM layer. The effluent arsenic concentration, however, never exceeded 50 µg/L during the study. http://www.mdpi.com/2073-4441/10/2/119/pdf

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