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Neculita, C.M., T.V. Rakotonimaro, B. Bussiere, T. Genty, and G.J. Zagury.
2017 National Meeting of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation, Morgantown, WV, 9-13 April. ASMR, Champaign, IL. 43 slides, 2017

An investigation of the effectiveness of acid mine drainage treatment systems—DAS (dispersed alkalinity substrate) units, consisting of coarse organic matrix (wood chips) and neutralizing materials (calcite, magnesia), and a mixed treatment system comprising passive biochemical reactors (PBRs: wood waste-based and constructed wetlands)—compared the performance of a 2-yr lab study and two field treatment installations. In the lab, DAS-calcite, DAS-dolomite, or DAS-wood ash for iron pretreatment, prior to sulfate removal by PBR, was followed by a final polishing unit. In the field, a pilot tri-unit (two PBRs separated by a wood-ash unit) system was installed on the Lorraine rehabilitated mine site and monitored over a 5-yr period. Up to 99% Fe removal occurred during lab testing (using two DAS-wood ash pretreatment units) relative to the field pilot (76% Fe removal). On East-Sullivan, a second rehabilitated mine site, a 14-yr monitoring dataset for a mixed treatment system showed the progressive improvement of water quality over time. Iron concentration declined 98%, and regulation requirements (Fe < 3 mg/L) were obtained in most of the discharge locations. Slides: http://www.asmr.us/Portals/0/Documents/Meetings/2017/04-22-Neculita-Slides.pdf

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