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Commander, L., L. Merino-Martin, P. Golos, J. Stevens, C. Elliott, and B. Miller.
Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority/Sinosteel Midwest Corporation, Australia. 84 pp, 2017

This restoration manual is largely a synthesis of research findings from a 5-yr collaboration undertaken March 2012-March 2017 between Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority and Sinosteel Midwest Corporation (SMC). The project was carried out in the mid-west region of Western Australia on SMC holdings for post-mining restoration of a threatened ecological community in a banded iron formation landform that was mined for iron ore. While a large part of this restoration manual was developed for restoration works that might be carried out in the future on SMC holdings, secondary sources include relevant restoration research found in scientific journals and grey literature. Based on best current knowledge of restoration activities, the recommendations in this manual will be applicable to the broader restoration community, particularly to mining operations of similar style in areas of similar habitat or vegetation structure. http://www.epa.wa.gov.au/sites/default/files/API_documents/Appendix%203%20-%20BGPA%20Sinosteel%20Restoration%20Manual%20March%202017.pdf

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