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Szocinski, T.R. and D.L. Harn, Jr.
RemTech 2017: Remediation Technologies Symposium. Presentation 53, 32 slides, 2017

In 2009 a state-funded investigation at an industrial plating facility in southwest Michigan identified a shallow quarter-mile long plume of chlorinated VOCs (mainly TCE and daughter products) in groundwater at depths from 2-5 ft. The plume was migrating from the site through a residential area where contaminated groundwater was found within many of the basements and sumps at concentrations as high as 1,500 ppb, posing a potential vapor intrusion (VI) threat. Assessment of the nearby storm water system, which discharged into a river, indicated infiltration of contaminated groundwater. To address the VI concerns, the basement sumps were capped and vented, and a protective coating (Retro-Coat™) was applied to the floor and walls of the residential buildings located within the plume. A multi-phase injection approach for the groundwater plume included electron donor, bioaugmentation culture, and liquid activated carbon (LAC) substrates. Given a groundwater flow >1 ft/d, the design approach consisted of treatment lines spaced ~200 ft apart between residential properties. To protect against further migration of residual VOCs from untreated or not fully treated areas, biobarriers were installed at strategic locations within the residential plume areas. The biobarriers contained a LAC reagent with an electron donor to promote enhanced reductive dechlorination.
Slides: http://www.esaa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/17-Szocinski.pdf Longer abstract: http://www.esaa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/RemTech2017Abstracts-53.pdf

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