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Valhondo, C., L. Martinez-Landa, J. Carrera, C. Ayora, K. Noedler, and T. Licha.
Science of the Total Environment 612:985-994(2018)

A reactive barrier consisting of vegetable compost, iron oxide, and clay was installed in an infiltration basin to enhance the removal of emerging organic compounds (EOCs) in the recharge water. First-order degradation rates and retardation factors were jointly estimated for 10 compounds using a multilayer reactive transport model. Reactive transport parameters were automatically calibrated against the concentration of 10 EOCs measured at nine monitoring points. The degradation rate of each compound was estimated for three zones defined according to the redox state, and retardation coefficients were estimated in two zones defined according to the organic matter content. The fastest degradation rates were obtained for the reactive barrier, and the estimated values were similar to or higher than those estimated in column and/or field experiments for most of the compounds (8/10). Estimated retardation coefficients in the reactive barrier were higher than in the rest of the aquifer in most cases (8/10) and higher than values estimated in previous studies. See additional information in Chapter 5 of C. Valhondo's thesis at https://upcommons.upc.edu/bitstream/handle/2117/107938/TCVG1de1.pdf.

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