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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Cheyenne. 169 pp, 2017

The Casper PCE Plume Orphan Site occupies ~150 acres in an area that comprises residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhoods. Environmental testing in the late 1980s revealed the presence of PCE in groundwater in downtown and north Casper, as well as in the indoor air of some homes. Groundwater PCE concentrations less than one mile downgradient are increasing over time, indicating that the Casper Dry Cleaner and/or residual subsurface solvent mass in the surrounding vicinity is acting as a source zone to sustain the plume. Active soil vapor extraction (SVE) was selected as a means to prevent soil gas to groundwater partitioning, limit soil migration to groundwater impacts, and control vapor intrusion in the vicinity of the dry cleaner. This report documents the SVE system installation; system startup, initial monitoring, and operation and maintenance; performance monitoring of the SVE remedy and evaluation and reporting requirements; and references. http://deq.wyoming.gov/media/attachments/Solid%20%26%20Hazardous%20Waste/Active%20Sites/Casper%20PCE%20Plume/Casper%20PCE%20Plumes%20Orphan%20Site%20SVE%20CCR%20Final%207-10-17.pdf See also the MNA remedy implementation work plan and EISB construction completion report for this site at http://deq.wyoming.gov/shwd/active-sites/resources/casper-pce-plume/.

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