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Galena Restoration Advisory Board, 34 pp, 25 Oct 2017

The performance-based remediation contract for the Former Galena Forward Operating Location encompasses the cleanup of 32 sites. Five sites have been closed to date. Installation of remedial systems began in 2015 and will continue until 2018. Under the contract operation of the remedial systems will continue through the summer of 2020. Remedies installed in 2017 included two horizontal well air sparge systems, soil vapor extraction systems to remove TCE at Site SS015 in addition to several other sites, sulfate injections in multiple areas to enhance biodegradation of deeper fuel contamination in saturated soil, bioventing for Site FT001, and enhanced anaerobic bioremediation injections for dissolved-phase TCE at two sites. See PDF pages 13-24 for slides that illustrate these systems. http://www.afcec.af.mil/Portals/17/documents/BRAC/Galena/Galena%2025%20Oct%202017%20RAB%20Meeting%20Minutes_Final.pdf?ver=2017-12-04-111007-573

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