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Sustainable Development Technology Canada Annual Report Supplement — 2016/2017, p 27, 2017

Sustainable Development Technology Canada funding is focused on the development and demonstration of new technologies, such as EnuBioDechlor XL™ (Produits Enuchem Inc.), a remediation product. EnuBioDechlor XL is a liquid that consists of emulsified saponified soybean oil with iron powder. The compound is injected in situ and together with bacteria to convert chlorinated solvents in subsurface environments into ethylene and chloride ions. PCE and TCE are two of the main contaminants targeted by this technology. Demonstrations of product performance were conducted in five contaminated sites: one chemical industry site and four dry cleaning facilities. EnuBioDechlor XL was injected in all sites without excavation. A first and second site in St. Constant and St. Henry were completely remediated during the project. A third and fourth site in Bedford and St. Jean were partially remediated because the project time frame was insufficient to show complete remediation, although treatment effects reportedly continued after project completion. The fifth site in St. Sauveur successfully demonstrated the technology as a permeable reactive barrier to contain contaminant migration in the groundwater. https://www.sdtc.ca/en/about-sdtc/reports

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