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Martin, D.P., A.R. Poda, and A.J. Bednar.
ERDC/EL SR-17-1, 26 pp, 2017

Material that is released from nanotechnology during testing can be a complex mixture of nanoparticles, dissolved species, matrix-embedded particles, and particles with sizes outside the nano range. Thorough characterization of the released material is crucial to predicting its toxicity. This report provides a general framework for determining not only whether material is released from a nanotechnology during testing but also whether the released material can still be considered a nanomaterial. The framework is written in broad terms so that it theoretically can be applied to any material, but references are provided for documents specific to the more common nanomaterials and detection methods. This document is intended for use in conjunction with previously established methods and procedures to help guide the user through the characterization process following release testing of a nanotechnology. https://usace.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/api/collection/p266001coll1/id/4224/download

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