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McGrath, R., R. Reid, and P. Tran.
WM2017: Waste Management Conference, March 5-9, 2017, Phoenix, Arizona. Paper 17442, 2017

The key metric in the final release of a nuclear facility from radiological controls following decommissioning is the potential long-term radiation exposure to future users of the site. This is estimated from modeling of the exposure that could conceivably result from residual contamination remaining on the site in buildings, soil, and groundwater after the completion of decontamination, dismantlement, and remediation activities. A key modeling input is characterization data obtained from surveys and sampling. Regulatory guidance for conducting the final status survey required to show compliance with regulator-approved site release limits (i.e., radionuclide concentrations or contamination levels) has been limited to surface contamination. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conducted a project to provide information for using geostatistics in the development of a site final status survey that addresses the impact of dose from subsurface contamination to a future user of the site. EPRI Report No. 3002007554, Guidance for Using Geostatistics in Developing a Site Final Status Survey Program for Plant Decommissioning, was developed to provide background on geostatistics capabilities and cost-effective use to help design characterization and final status surveys for subsurface areas at nuclear facilities. http://www.wmsym.org/archives/2017/pdfs/FinalPaper_17442_0206011615.pdf

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