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Thomas, S., N. Hagelin, and D. Woodward.
2018 RPIC Federal Contaminated Sites National Workshop, 13-15 June, Toronto, ON. 29 slides, 2018

Remediation technologies are needed that can contain and treat poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) at the source. Granular activated carbon (GAC) has generally been considered the best available technology for PFOS/PFOA treatment, but potential concerns include frequency of GAC change-outs, short-chain removal performance, and co-contaminant loading and preferential removal. Ion-exchange (IX) resins have shown promise for treating a broad suite of PFASs. These synthetic media can be regenerated on site and reused. Regenerant solutions can then be distilled on site to recycle/reuse the regenerant, yielding a concentrated PFAS residue. For on-site destruction of PFASs and a broad suite of co-contaminants in this concentrated residue, an enhanced-contact low-energy plasma reactor technology is being developed at Clarkson University. Several projects are described that use IX resins to address PFASs, ranging from internally and externally funded R&D projects to one of the first large-scale pump-and-treat systems employing IX resin and on-site regeneration at a large DoD facility. Results from bench-scale plasma destruction tests are also presented. http://rpic-ibic.ca/images/2018_FCSW_/Presentations/2_-_120_-_Hagelin_ENG_final-rev1.pdf

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