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Granley, B. 2018 SWANA Western Regional Symposium, 22-24 May, Palm Springs, CA. 2018

A phyto-utilization system capitalizes on the natural ability of plants, such as poplar trees and vetiver grass, to utilize the components of leachate (moisture and various compounds) as beneficial resources. The evapotranspiration (ET) capacity of these specially selected plants actually consumes (eliminates) leachate through the transpiration process, which, when the treatment system is properly sized, can also eliminate hauling leachate to wastewater treatment plants. Hybrid poplar and willows are used for phytoremediation applications in many parts of the United States. Fast-growing vetiver grass is a unique plant that is especially well-suited for phyto-utilization of leachate in warm climates owing to its extremely high demand for moisture and nutrients. Vetiver grass is noninvasive, long-lived, tolerant to high levels of most contaminants, and resistant to pests and diseases. This presentation illustrates three case studies: the use of hybrid poplars at the Jeffco Landfill, St. Louis, Mo., and at the South Barrington Landfill, Chicago, Ill., and the use of vetiver grass at the Gulf Pines Landfill, Biloxi, Miss. Slides: http://www.mowastecoalition.org/resources/Documents/2016%20conference/MWCCrev%20-%20Phyto_Utilization%20of%20Leachate%20_%20July%202016%20-%20Granley.pdf

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