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Unz, R.J., J.P. McCown, C.A. Waggoner, S.L. Larson, and J.H. Ballard.
ERDC/CRREL TR-18-1, 69 pp, 2018

Researchers from the Mississippi State University Institute for Clean Energy Technology (MSU-ICET) and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center have collaborated on procedures and methodologies for identifying leaching solutions to assist in the removal of depleted uranium (DU) oxides from contaminated soils. The team developed a bench-scale leach system to optimize leaching procedures and methodologies. A 2-molar (M) acetic acid solution with a 15% (v/v) 0.3 M hydroxylamine hydrochloride solution was able to remove ~70% of the uranium in the soil sample. Pretreating the soil with 3 M hydrochloric acid improved leaching efficiency to ~90%. The MSU-ICET researchers developed the preliminary design of a mobile leaching system based on hydrochloric acid pretreatment followed by 2-M acetic acid/15% 0.3 M hydroxylamine hydrochloride leaching method. Further work resulted in a pilot-scale soil-leaching trailer system designed to be used on site, eliminating the need for additional transport of radioactive contaminated soils. https://erdc-library.erdc.dren.mil/xmlui/bitstream/handle/11681/26383/ERDC-EL%20TR-18-1.pdf

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